Thursday, 10 March 2016

Summer Days

Long summer days sitting next to the garden - it seems so far away.
But really - summer is just around the corner.
Zinnia's, asters and bachelor buttons surround this frosted vase 
while to butterflies sit precariously on the flowers.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Peacock amongst the bright flowers

I do like peacocks - whether at the zoo or on canvas. 
Why not - I am sure others have done it before.

My interpretation of a peacock sitting on a branch amongst the bright flowers.
 Hope you like it.

I wanted something really bright and bold.

Cyprus Ceramics and Glass

So, if you are following me - I live in Cyprus at the moment.
I bought these Cyprus dishes at the local market and decided to paint a set of wine glasses to go with them.

Then I found these great glass canisters at a store on the South side of Cyprus,
 painted them and added them to the set.

So, my table still seemed off - it needed something.
What about a vase to hold the beautiful blooms in.
Again, went searching for the perfect piece of glass to paint.

Here it is!

Turned out great - don't you think?

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Where did you put the sugar?

I found these great glass containers at a discount store here in Cyprus and thought to paint them with the same pattern as the wine glasses.

I plan to use one for sugar and the other for tea.
They will look great on the shelf next to the bowls.

Friday, 4 September 2015

I live in Cyprus these days and I absolutely love the Cypriot pottery.  
Bright colors and unique designs - who wouldn't love it???

I bought this fantastic salad set - each bowl is just a bit different the the other. 
The set needed it's own glasses and so often we just have a Caesar salad - it made perfect sense.

It seemed to take forever to finish the glasses because of the fine outlining and details.
The time spent was so worth it!

I know - you are counting 5 glasses.
That's because I started with 5 - these were extra glasses that I had in my cabinet and I was too lazy to shop for new ones and honestly I didn't know if I would like the way they turned out.  
Usually, I can visualize the finished project but this time I was totally blocked.  
Then as they progressed I couldn't find a matching glass to the set. 
So what you see is what you get.
I guess I can only entertain five people...

The glasses really do add to the table.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Fun and Festive

I have to be inspired to work on a project.
A friend gave me a bottle of Tequila and the bottle was so cool.
But first we just had to empty it 
such a chore - really

I painted it the same colors as my margarita glasses
colorful and festive.

On one side I painted the Serpent Moon Goddess
just seemed to fit the bottle.

I plan to cut off the top eventually and use it as a vase.
it will make a great centerpiece.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Sweet Snowmen

I love to sit by the fire and enjoy a cup of steaming hot chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie.
This cup just makes it more special.

Snowmen with striped scarves and matching red hats seemed to fit my wintery night. 

Whimsical white, blue and silver snowflakes fall down the side of the cup.

My sweet snowman cheerfully holds bright Christmas lights ready for a bit of merriment.